4 Great Ways To Get Rid Of Pests In Your Yard

You can enhance the value of your home by creating a beautiful lawn or garden. The curb appeal will attract potential homebuyers even before they walk into the home. Whether you are planning to sell your home, or you simply want an attractive looking home, you should take the time to work on your lawn.

One thing that can ruin a perfectly good lawn is the presence of pests. Pests can damage plants and flowers, leaving your lawn looking unattractive.

Before you embark on the task of getting rid of lawn insects or pests, you need to know that you cannot eliminate the pests completely, nor do you want to. Some of the insects are actually beneficial to your lawn and they are completely harmless. When you want to get rid of pests, you should concentrate on those that are harmful. There are different ways to get rid of the pests and you need to think of the best solution for your lawn or garden.

Biological method

Also referred to as the natural method, biological pest control is where you use living organisms to fight the harmful pests. This method is usually quite time consuming and it can also be quite expensive. It is not always efficient for those looking for quick results. When using the biological method, you need to be patient as the system takes a long time to work. It is, however, very environmentally friendly because you do not use any harmful products.

The biological method is safe for your lawn and for the family. Microorganisms that are predators of the harmful pests are introduced into the lawn and they naturally attack the pests killing them. The nematodes, bacterium or fungi are usually mixed with water and sprayed on the lawn. Depending on the type you use, you will need to apply the solution frequently to get the desired results.

Plant Pesticides

Plant or botanical pesticides are becoming quite popular because they are less harmful to humans and pets. Made from plant materials, the pesticides are less toxic but they are just as effective for getting rid of pests. They are effective when used on pests that live on the leaves or surface of the lawn, but they are not so effective on pests like grubs that live in the soil.

For the botanical pesticides to be effective, they must come into contact with the pests quickly. Pyrethin is one of the most popular pesticides and it comes from the chrysanthemum plant. This pesticide is very strong but it should be used with care because it kills the good insects also. It should be used sparingly in spots on some sections of the lawn. It is also toxic to fish and should not be used frequently near water bodies. Neem, which is an oil extract from the neem tree, is also used in pest control.

Chemical pesticides

There are many types of chemical pesticides in the market, and they have different compositions and benefits. They are quite effective in getting rid of lawn pests quickly, but most of them also kill the good insects or beneficial organisms on the lawn. Some chemical pesticides are also harmful to people and animals and can be toxic.

It is important to find out about the different pesticides available before buying them. Before applying chemical pesticides on your lawn, you should make sure that you read the instructions carefully. Make sure that people and pets are kept off the lawn after application of the pesticides. Diazinon and Carbaryl are the most common insecticides in the market. They are used to kill a wide variety of insects or bugs.

Insecticidal soaps

People who are looking for an environmentally friendly solution can use insecticidal soaps. They are made from salts that are in fatty acids and they are effective in killing many soft-bodied insects or pests. The soaps are nontoxic to humans and they are also biodegradable. They are mixed with water before being poured onto the problem areas on the lawn.

To get rid of pests on your lawn, it is advisable to get the services of a pest control service. This way, you will not have to be exposed to any harmful products. The professionals are able to assess your lawn to determine the best solution for your needs.


Keep Your Home Clean – Tips For Busy Families

A clean home doesn’t just mean one that is physically spotless. Organization also has a lot to do with the visual appeal and cleanliness of a property. Today we are going to discuss a few ways you can go about maintaining a nice-looking residence even if you barely have time to breath.

An Everyday Process

While taking on more daily tasks when you can barely seem to keep up with what you have sounds counterproductive, it’s one of the most surefire ways to keep a great-looking home regularly. Habits are formed when the same projects are taken on for about a month straight. So, write up a game plan and begin today. Maybe in the mornings you want to put the dishes away and start the washer if enough laundry has accumulated. It’s best to get things done as you notice them then find yourself in a situation where you need a certain piece of clothing and are unable to wear it or have guests dropping by and the dishes seem as though they’re piled to the ceiling.

Throughout the day, clean up after yourself and make sure family members do the same. See hair in the sink or toothpaste? Take a few seconds to wipe it out. A clean sink, shiny tub and tidy toilet make for an inviting household. As dishes are dirtied, put them directly into the dishwasher or choose a time of day that they need to be completed. Rotating family members on this one means you’ll get breaks from the tasks you dislike most and cleaning won’t feel so monotonous.

Dealing With Clutter & Keeping A Healthy Lifestyle

It’s only natural that clutter will accumulate over time. As you’re busy trying to focus on your job, getting the kids off to school and keeping a clean home, it’s important that you don’t forget to live your life. Don’t worry if you have days where you simply don’t want to do anything.

Allow yourself time to wind down, as long as you don’t get into bad habits that are going to mean much more work for you later on. Letting dirty laundry go for two weeks, for example, is going to mean a long day of nothing but laundry in the near future.

As you notice clutter accumulating, make note of it and figure out if the items that are most bothersome are necessary in your home. Should they be stored in a drawer or in a storage container in the garage for future use instead? Or, could some of those items potentially just be wasting space?

In this case, you may choose to donate them or toss them in the trash. If you look around and find a room to be more than you can handle, have a quick cleaning session. Even a mere 5 or 10 minutes can make a big difference and mean less stress on your shoulders. Have the whole family pitch in and put objects in their proper place, wipe those counter tops, and vacuum the floor. May not seem like much but a little truly does go a long way.

A well known Interior decorator, Martha Illingworth is the author of today’s guest post. She is known for her flawless approach and advises people on home maintenance on her blog. Wood blinds in NYC is what she suggests to many of her clients to get a natural feeling to one’s house.


How To Keep Bees Away From Your Home

It’s about that time of year. The weather is warming up, the sun is shining and everyone’s looking to spend more time outdoors. While bees may not be a big deal at a distance, having them up in your space, surrounding your food and in your pool doesn’t exactly help create a relaxing environment for your family or your guests. So, what can you do to minimize the number of bees and enjoy summer to its fullest potential?

Ways You May Be Attracting Bees To Your Property


While you may not realize it, there are things you could be doing that are actually bringing the bees to your yard. This may include trash cans that aren’t properly covered, which probably include sweet smelling items, such as pop that are like welcome signs to bees.

The flowers and trees you have on your property may be bringing your unwanted guests directly to the party. Try your best to keep the action, such as your pool, hot tub or volleyball tournament away from areas that contain a lot of pollen. Pollen is one of the most attractive scents to bees and isn’t just present on flowers, but on walnut, hickory and elm trees, as well. The same goes with food. Try to designate areas where you eat outdoors versus areas where you relax.

As with most pests, if you have plenty of food and water, there isn’t much reason for them to not want to stick around. While you may not be able to get rid of all the water outside your property, especially if a pool is part of your backyard, you can make changes that will make your yard less appealing.

For instance, it may be best to nix those bird baths and outdoor water dishes you have for your pets.

As far as your pool is concerned, be sure to keep it covered when not in use and have bee traps hanging throughout your property so bees are attracted to those before they reach the water. There are many traps on the market today that only require you to apply sugar or fruit juice inside. Bees are instantly attracted and once they enter, are unable to escape. Once filled, all you need to do is dump out the contents and hang again.

What if The Problem Persists?

If you find yourself infested with bees and unable to keep them away no matter how hard you try, it may be time to either try to locate their hive yourself or seek a professional. It is important that you never, ever spray a hive during the daytime and read the product instructions carefully and thoroughly if you do plan on trying to take down a hive on your own.

The nice thing about hiring an exterminator to do the job is they are going to have all the safety equipment and tools to get the job done right the first time. They’ve done this more than a few times and getting stung by that many bees isn’t exactly something most homeowners want to experience.


Gardening Tips & Advice For The Rookie Gardener

Gardening can be a complex and intricate hobby. For example, you will have to know about a lot of details such as the soil’s pH balance, the various kinds of fertilizers, the best conditions that will favor the growth of a particular plant, etc. It can be a daunting task for an inexperienced gardener to grow an organic garden.

If you’re interest in gardening has brought you to a point where you find it important to plant your own, it is advised that you grow those that have good value for money, or those that you love most. It can be troublesome to go around looking for exotic and expensive plants, and if proper care is not taken, they may die in no time. It is best to grow the plants that enjoy favorable conditions for growth in your locality.

Using garlic to keep bugs & pests at bay

Garlic is one of the best deterrents that will keep bugs and pests away from your garden. Pests and bugs are known to avoid the garlic smell that tends to stay away from the same. Garlic must be planted around the edge of garden so that bugs will not enter it in the first place. This is not the only benefit that garlic brings to your garden, as it is also edible.

Useful advice on growing tomatoes

If you choose to grow tomatoes organically, you must try to plant only a few seeds at a time. After, say, three weeks, you can go back and plant more seeds. Not only will this provide you with a steady supply of the fruit, but will also make sure that it is not overabundant at a particular time. If something goes wrong during a harvest, you can be comforted knowing not all of your tomatoes are ruined.

Using mulch to reduce water supply

Mulch is a great substance to add to your garden as large amounts of it can help a great deal in reducing watering costs. Not only does mulch provide moisture to your plants, but also conserves it for a long time, making sure that your plants don’t run dry. Mulch can be purchased from any nursery or gardening store, or you can even make it on your own with pieces of bark or dead plants. To gain maximum benefits, make sure that you add a layer of at least two inches, regardless of what material you decide to use in creating it.       

Growing a garden of perennials

Growing a perennial garden can be a fairly quick and easy process. The turf can be dug into using a  spade. Then use wood chips, say, three inches of it to spread of the turf after you have turned it over. Allow the area to settle for about two weeks, and then you can turn it over and lay your new garden of perennials. By doing this, you can assured that your perennials will flourish and give you barely any trouble in maintaining them.


How To Make The Most Out Of A Small Place

Not many people can live in huge mansions where it takes forever to go from the kitchen to the bedroom or where things always get lost. The reality for most of us is quite on the opposite. There are those that can allow to live comfortably, but not too conspicuously while the rest have to squeeze past someone on their way to the bathroom. However, even if your place is small it doesn’t mean you can’t make anything to make it better.

5 Things To Consider

Getting used to live in smaller place can be stressful when you’re not prepared for it. You have personal belongings and furniture that is suitable for a larger one. But you’ve to adapt to reality and live up to the challenge. Start with planning your new home lay out at the macro level. There are a few important issues to be considered before you’ll be able to pay attention to more subtle aspects.

Decide What You Need – take the first step by making a list of things you’ll need. Then inspect your existing furniture and decide what you can use and what you can let go. Next, buy things that you actually need. For example, installing a bookcase is pointless, provided that you don’t read books.

Clear Up – go over and check your stuff again. Decide what you can throw out, donate or sell. Putting up a sale can ensure you have more money for truly useful things. Getting rid of useless junk will open up your place and make your life more joyful.

Add More Light – light creates optical illusions and make a small space appear bigger that it is. Explore your options to add extra lighting like placing lamps around or fixtures on ceiling. What’s more, once a room is bright a person will be able to see it in all its glory.

Go Higher – normally stuff sits on the ground. That is how we are used do it for thousands of years. But today we have the opportunity to utilise the free space higher up. For instance, bolting a TV for the wall and placing a bookshelf on top of a drawer will free a lot of space.

Utilise Storage Space – does all of your stuff have to be on a display at all times? Probably not. Then keep some stuff stored away. Hire a storage space or tuck it under the stairs. Thus you can bring things whenever you like for short period of time and put them back in an instant.

Five Killer Decor Tricks

When you have finished your place’s layout on the macro level, it’s time to deal with improving little issues. You’ll be surprised how a subtle aspect can change your small apartment for the better. For example, if you rent a place, there are always features that can’t be mended or changed like radiators, an old and worn out carpet or lack of space for more serious renovation efforts. Don’t despair there are smart solutions to all these annoying problems.

Long Curtains – hang long curtains as close to the ceiling as possible. Surprisingly enough, this will create an illusion of tall windows, which on its side result in making a room look larger than it actually is.

Throw In a Rug – when the carpet in your rented apartment looks drab and tired simply cover it with a large rug. The rug will not only conceal this eye sore, but it’ll also add freshness to the interior.

Paint Furniture – painting walls in limited space as in small apartment can be an insurmountable challenge. You can paint your furniture instead. It’s a creative solution to bring in colour.

Double The Function – buy furniture with smart add-ons that have double use. Thus you will save space without sacrificing functionality. Place a table along a long wall and use it as a home office in day time and buffet or bar in the evening.

Hide It – often times you’re stuck with pre-existing features you can’t change like a radiator, for instance. Use a room divider to conceal it.


5 Ways To Stay Safe When You Move Into A New Home

Hopefully you’ve moved home in the past otherwise you might not be aware of a few things. Too many people think their new home is perfectly safe, but sadly this isn’t the case and we’re going to address some of the dangers today. Some of them relate to saving yourself from physical injury, whereas others save you from financial pain. Let’s look at them right now and you will definitely be more prepared to tackle your big move when the time eventually comes.

Get a first aid kit

Once you step into your home for the first time there will be nothing there. If there are no carpets lying on the ground you could cut your foot on a floorboard. Lots of sharp things will be exposed and you won’t be used to the layout of your new home. Don’t forget about all the boxes lying around that will become trip hazards. If you want to stay safe when you first move into your new home the first step is to make sure you have a first aid kit at the ready.

Check the smoke detectors

Anyone who doesn’t have smoke detectors in this day and age is crazy. They could be the one thing in the world that saves the life of you and your family. I bet you already have smoke detectors at the moment and they’re in good working condition. That doesn’t mean they will be working in your new home and it’s very easy to forget to check. Don’t go to sleep without making sure they’re in working order and carry spare batteries in case you need to use them.

Change the locks

The people who are moving out are not going to sneak back when you’re away so they can steal all your silver. It could happen though it’s highly unlikely. That might mean you don’t think changing the locks is a good idea, but what about all those other people who might have a key for your new home. The previous owners could have given plenty away over the years to friends and workmen, or they could have just lost them somewhere close to the front door.

Update your papers

Updating things like driving licenses and car registrations in plenty of time is a very good idea otherwise you will forget all about it. Can you imagine what would happen if you got stopped by the police? If your papers aren’t in working order you are just asking for trouble. Sooner or later you might end up with a fine. While you’re sorting that out you can also phone as much companies as possible to tell them your new address.

Forward your mail

You just know something is going to go wrong once you tell everyone your new address. People are going to get it wrong and it could cost you money. If you’re late making a payment I don’t think anyone else is going to take responsibility for it. Take a drive to the post office and set up a forwarding address. If any mail arrives for you they can take it and send it along to your new address and you won’t need to call up the person who bought your home to ask for help.

Try to relax

Luckily it’s not too hard to stay safe when you move into a new home. It’s stressful more than anything else, so you might want to stock up on pain killers. Just make sure you pay attention to the things we’ve spoken about today because it could save you in one way or another.


How To Replace A Shower With Dexerity

A shower is one of the bathroom products, which needs to be replaced at regular intervals. Your choice of shower actually depends on your preference for the look of the shower and the shower type you like. When it comes to choosing your new shower, the existing bathroom conditions and your expectation from the new shower will help you determine the best type you need for this renovation. Once you choose the ideal type of shower, you need to install it with care. Whether it is choosing or installing a shower, you need some guidance to do these tasks in a satisfactory manner. Keeping this in mind, here are some tips for the same.

Consider The Bathroom Space And Tub Condition Before Buying


If you do not have enough moving space in your bathroom, it is not a good idea to consider a prefabricated shower that come with useful features and are easy to install. These showers need much room to enter into the bathroom. In case of narrow doorways or bathroom on a top floor, you will have to look for another design.

Similarly, you also need to consider the tub for which you are buying a new shower. You might need a new shower lining for a fresh look. As a tip, get a style that overlaps so that you have some margin while cutting the panels.

If you are considering glass doors on your shower that are ideal choice to retain bright, know that it is tough to keep them clean. Probably, the foam and other droplet accumulations happening at every use need much attention. Therefore, be ready to deal with these maintenance issues if you desire to choose glass.

Examine The Walls


In case you have chosen a new shower booth that is a bit short in size as compared to your existing one, it is bound to create a gap atop the walls. This is something that you need to take care of! Therefore, you will have to put a cement board on any bare wall in the area of the tub. This will keep mold and mildew at bay. You will need to install the cement board even if the walls behind the tub and shower have weakened or deteriorated.

Assess The Framing For Any Damage After Exclusion


At the time of installing, do examine the framing behind, below, and around the tub to see whether the moisture has badly affected it or not. In case you feel that extra support or replacement is essential, do not hesitate to do so.

Consider A Powerful Adhesive


No matter what you are sticking or attaching, you need to do so with a powerful adhesive. Whether it is a tile or acrylic liner, a strong, plumbing adhesive is what you need to have a durable installation. The adhesive will come with safety instructions as well for you to follow. In case of any doubt, it is better to call a plumber.

Big Star Jeans

The biggest star in making the best jeans is none other than the Big Star Jeans! We all know that when it comes to choosing jeans, we all get very picky and are very conscious about the fit. Apart from having the right fit, we also need our jeans to look stylish and be comfortable at the same time.

Big Star jeans not only fit all the above criteria but also provide high class quality. Be it for men or women, this well known brand of jeans has a lot of choice to offer. There are different colors to choose from and you can select from the wide range of finishes that they have as well.

The brand has made itself popular because of their excellent washes, exceptional fits and superb prices. The Big Star jeans originally started with jeans for women. However, as the demands increased because of the high quality and the wonderful fits, the company also started to make jeans for men. Rest, as you know is history!

Union, Digger and Pioneer are the three most famous fits that the Big Star jeans have to offer for men. These jeans are made by Koos Manufacturing in California, and are the leading manufacturers and producers of denim. All clothing is checked for quality before it is sent out of the facility.

You could buy from a slim fit to a regular fit or even go for the boot cut, depending on what you are looking for. The Big Star jean is extremely comfortable to wear. You can pick and choose your favorite style according to your mood.

The way you wear your jeans defines your attitude. So get a pair that suites your personality and image. One of the most important things when buying jeans is the comfort factor. So even if you really dig the style, you need to be certain that they fit you comfortably.

The Big Star brand makes sure that all the jeans are designed while keeping the comfort factor in mind. With a brand like Big Star, you would not have any problems where comfort is concerned.

Top quality fabric is used in making these jeans so you can wear them for as long as you want without getting uncomfortable. These jeans are also very durable and are made for every day use. It goes without saying that the Big Star jeans can sustain the wear and tear with ease.

These stylish jeans are most sought out for, as they make you look trendy and cool. You can even team up your latest jeans with the hot looking Big Star T-shirts.

For women, the best selling jeans fit is Mia. This fit is available in various styles and washes and it is made in the boot cut fit. Women also love the Remy Jean with its flap pockets and low rise.

Casey is the newest and the hottest Big Star fit. It is slim on the thighs and has a boot cut with a low rise fit. If you are looking for a more relaxed look, then you could also opt for the Karla fit. These jeans are a high rise and are slightly relaxed on the thigh area.

Another great fit that women are in love with is called Sweet. These jeans are the lowest rise jeans as compared to all the other Big Star fits. When it comes to shopping we know that women want it all. So Big Star also has a variety of shorts and capris available for its female customers.

So now that you know that Big Start has a fit for every body type, go get a few that fit you!

Plaid shirts

Plaid shorts, plaid shirt, bags, shoes and hats are all common on girls, boys and kids. They are available from every type of clothing outlet, from the local niche clothing store to the biggest department stores.

Plaid has not always been so popular. In times gone by the pattern has been termed old fashioned or just plain odd. In the UK there is a certain negative part of the community that wears a certain type of plaid which has given that particular pattern a very bad reputation.

Plaid is a term used to describe a cross-hatched pattern in woolen garments. The word itself probably comes from a type of Gaelic dialect. Probably originating from Scottish, Welsh or Irish tartan, there are now countless designs. In fact, the term ‘full plaid’ is used to describe long skirts common among members of highland bands of Scotland.
The kilt is the most famous example of a piece of plaid clothing. They are recognizable throughout the world and used to tell all what clan, or family, the person that is wearing it is a member of. They date back hundreds of years and are usually worn around the waist. Of course the most memorable thing about kilts is not about the actual kilt itself, but about what is being worn underneath. Famously, so the Scots would have you believe, underwear is entirely optional.

Inhabitants of the Midwestern United States began wearing flannel in everyday life hundreds of years after the invention of the kilt. Loosely spun wool or cotton, flannel is very similar to a type of material common in historic Wales. This is more evidence relating the origin of these types of  cloth to Gaelic history. It is still very common amongst the workers in colder climates as it does tend to be very warm. Flannel shirts were not seen as cool, exactly, so it took a musical movement during the 90’s before men’s plaid shirts were seen as common or cool anywhere.
It was during the 90’s that the grunge musical movement became common. Artists such as Kurt Cobain began wearing flannel, with cross-hatched designs and suddenly men’s plaid shirt wearing became common all over the US and the World. Kurt Cobain and those of his ilk wore the plaid shirts in videos and on stage lending them great credibility, at least to those to whom his music meant a great deal. His widow eventually auctioned off these shirts.
Eventually, grunge was no longer the most influential music genre. West Coast gangster rap, led for a time by Tupac, took the plaid baton and ran with it. Tupac, specifically, would wear a plaid shirt over a white tank top. The shirt itself was long enough to reach his knees but it was still a men’s plaid shirt.

The reach of both of these types of music is wide and varied eventually resulting in plaid items of clothing being worn in every corner of society and by all types of people.

Plaid shorts, on the other hand, are a pretty recent development. They hit the high street in a big way in 2007. Fashion houses were responsible this time. Always looking for a new angle, they released them as an addition to their vacation collections. Because this new fashion was driven by the fashion houses themselves, many parts of society saw them as a must-have item for the following years’ fashion.

Plaid shorts are found among the most fashionable people, mainly, though all other parts of society are catching on as cheaper products become available.

For a design that originated far back in history, plaid has come a long way to become a high fashion example of clothing on the street today.

Cheap Jordans

Air Jordan or simply Jordans are a brand of shoes which was produced by Nike. These were originally designed for and were endorsed by Michael Jordan, professional basketball player.

Since its creation in 1984, this has been the most popular in Nike sneakers, which is a worldwide recognized brand shoes. To create a good demand and keep the value of the shoes as high as possible, Nike, in charge of releasing cheap jordans, announces one specific date before the distribution of this specific line. This advertisement tactic is to make sure the demand still exists in the market especially by the basketball fans since they love the design of the shoes. Nike uses the logo “Jumpman” to promote the Air Jordan brand. The brand like many other has been subject to counterfeiting all over the world. Many believed counterfeiters are fraudulent dealers usually over the internet and are sold at prices starting at $19 and go up to the regular prices.

95Cheap jordans are classified according to the year when they are released to the market and by their particular model since there have been numerous releases each year. The signature design of Air Jordan models is re-introduced every year. The color and the scheme have changed so much that it appears different from other designs. Since 1984, there have been 23 models introduced to the market. Collectors classify the line by release year and model: Originals, Retros (shoes that have been re-created for sale for common people), and Retro-pluses (Retro + are similar to the original changes but with more up-to-date changes), Player Exclusive (created exclusively for certain athletes in the realm of sports), and Samples. The Jordan brand because of its tradition of quality and high-fashion is a household name and shall continue for long.
There are various websites available on various search engines which promote cheap jordans offering this most sought after brand at various lucrative offers. Jordan station website publishes not only the best rates available but also has a section which marks the journey of the cheap air jordans from start till today. Jordanzone.com was founded by Jordan shoe fanatic and they dedicate this website to Michael Jordan, the man who changed the game and the shoes that bears his name. This website provides information on other websites which sell authentic cheap jordan shoes. Jordanonsale.com is a US-SINO based internet retailer of various brand name sneakers, including cheap jordan. These are available on the website without the hassle, in premium quality, doesn’t require minimums & orders are shipped within days. During festive season, websites offer cheap jordans for sale.

Air Jordans have been the most popular selling signature basket ball shoe that Nike has ever created. Although, Micheal Jordan retired from basketball in 2003 (3rd time), cheap Jordans are still the top selling models for many retailers. The legacy lives on with release of retro air Jordans, which are the re-makes of the classic air Jordans either in the color or slightly modified to match with the current trends.